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We pride ourselves on the quality of our training and the value for money offered by our courses, but what about the experience? Well, take a look at what our members think!

Quotes For the short time my kids have been involved in martial arts, I have noticed a pleasing increase in their confidence and engagement with the sport. As so many school teachers are women, it's great for them both to have some incredibly positive male role models who exemplify what hard work and discipline can achieve. The structured progression means that there is a very tangible indication of their progress and I like that the programme incorporates other healthy messages about nutrition, stranger danger, home safety etc. My kids are benefitting enormously from a well-structured and positive programme that provides a much-needed outlet for their boundless energy! Quotes
Mary Evans
Satisfied mum of two

Quotes As well as the fitness side, Kickboxing is great for teaching discipline and giving the individual the skill of getting into the zone, focus and control. Our son really enjoys the challenge. Quotes

Quotes I am a mum of five year old twin girls, they have very different interests but Lil' Dragons at The Combat Company is the one thing they have in common which they absolutely LOVE! It helps them to channel they're abundant energy, which as we all know is very important for a calm life! It teaches them to be strong, safe and focussed. We have been to other martial art companies in the past but Combat Company is undoubtedly the best of the bunch and the instructors are friendly and knowledgeable. I think we're going to be there a while! I am even thinking of joining myself! Quotes
Toni Leo
Mum of twins

Quotes My son dropped out from football classes because it was "too rough" for him. I took him to Combat Company instead... Little Dragons (and now Juniors) totally changed his attitude to sport. He enjoys the classes loves the coaches. Big Thank You. Quotes
Happy father of Junior Fighter

Quotes Many thanks for what turned out to be a very enjoyable evening. Chase was great with the Scouts and put them through their paces which left them grinning from ear to ear by the end of the session especially after having the chance to do one to one sparring with him. We have a wall mounted bell at the HQ, which was the perfect ringside companion!! We greatly appreciate the time he gave us and hope it has inspired a few scouts to get more involved with The Combat Company. Quotes
Sarah Schleich
On behalf of 3rd Hampton Hill Scout Group

Quotes I've been a big Martial Arts and MMA fan for most of my life - starting out with Taekwon Do when I was a wee lad. I've been to combat gyms before but I have to say Combat Company is hands-down the best. Excellent coaches who are already at an elite level notwithstanding, Combat Company has the best fighter community I've ever seen. All the boys and girls in the gym are genuinely motivated to help the people around them to become the best, take on new challenges and BEAST people inside the ring! Amazing gym, outstanding coaches and the best group of nutters you could hope for. OUSSU!!!! Quotes
"Mad" Max Holloway
Part-time Octagon Superhero

Quotes I passed the club almost everyday and one day i decided to pop in and see what it had to offer me. As a Uni student I have to be very careful on what I spend my money and this is the best way there is to use the money i have. It keeps me motivated and now appart from a filmmaker I want to dedicate my time to boxing. After just two months i have found that Combat Company is like a second home where when Im stressed or anxious I can just pop in and train. Quotes
Blanca Ortega

Quotes I started training at combat company because I needed a thing! And that's exactly what it's given me, something to live for; along with a great group of friends who I can't imagine my life now without. I had my first fight night after 3 months of training boxing, I lost but what's amazing is that my coaches gave me the strength I needed to step into the boxing ring, and believed in me! Combat company is like my second home, couldn't ask for a better gym and training environment! Quotes

Quotes I had been thinking of doing kickboxing for ages and when i finally did i can hand on heart say its the best thing i have done for a very long time (wish i started sooner). At the age of 32 i thought my competitive sport days were over and you have proved to me that they are not infact they feel like they are just starting all over again. Training at your club has given me focus, discipline, and dedication to a sport i now love and you have given me the confidence to compete in it. I think the support you give to all your students is first class inside and outside the club whether they are competing or just doing it for fun and to stay fit. You have great instructors a great family spirit within the club and its a nice atmosphere to train in keep up the good work Combat Company looking forward to the next session. P.s love the squad training and look forward to winning some more trophies Quotes
Danny O'Malley
Happy Student

Quotes I get asked all the time how I got into Kickboxing. The truth is I was walking past the academy one day and thought it looked fun. I popped my head in to ask and since that day they have had trouble pushing me out of the door! I've been pushed and supported both physically and emotionally by the instructors and students alike. To return to the gym after a World Championships to be greeted by a round of applause from everyone as I walk in the door goes to shows just how much everyone there cares about you. Achieving my black belt in only 3 and a half years is all down to their encouragment and dedication. Quotes
Helen Bannan
3 x World Kickboxing Champion